Brocket Gallery London



Brocket Gallery, established by Jack Bullen and Lizzie Glandinning, is located in the Kennington district of London. Founded some three years ago, the gallery's aim is to support and present young and talented artists that will mature and develop with the gallery. As an off-shoot of the gallery and inspired by the availability of a large warehouse space in the former Royal Arsenal at Woolwich, Brocket produced the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair. So successful was this first edition, that it was produced again in 2017 and 2018 is now being prepared. In its short life, the Print Fair has become the largest of its kind in the UK, with over 150 artists selected to exhibit, including high profile artists such as Chris Ofili, Frank Auerbach and Tracy Emin. Olivearte is working with Brocket to produce a business plan.

Escalator Kosice Slovakia

Now entering its sixth year (2013-2018), Escalator is a capacity development programme for independent creative initiatives throughout Slovakia run by Creative Industry Kosice. The year-long programme, devised and implemented by Olivearte, is open to all artistic disciplines including visual arts, music, design, dance, film making, photography, multi-media, street art, fashion and publishing. In 2018 the intention is to expand even further into cross-sectoral areas, such as catering, gaming and architecture.

Kulturfabrik Luxembourg               



This cultural centre, of regional and cross-border importance, is celebrating 20 years of existence in 2018. In the city of Esch-sur-Alzette, Kulturfabrik is 4500 square meters of venues, rehearsal spaces for bands and theatre companies, visual art, cinema and much more. There is also a popular bar and brasserie. Kulturfabrik is also very involved with cultural development in the region and participates in policy and development initiatives and debates, such as the upcoming European Capital of Culture initiative for Esch-sur-Alzette. In this anniversary year for Kulturfabrik, the centre is now facing into a period of growth, with its success placing more and more demands on the organisation. Olivearte has been brought in to help plan for this next phase in Kulturfabrik's life.

Zentralwerk Dresden Germany


Zentralwerk is a large centre with a cooperative approach to culture, living and working. Having secured the land through a partnership with a foundation called Stiftung trias, Zentralwerk raised a substantial amount of money to refurbish a number of buildings on the site, which allowed them to create 22 apartments and space for 70 cultural tenants. They are now in the process of reconstructing the venue (which has three spaces). Olivearte has been brought in help with planning for the future sustainability of the centre.

Kaunas 2022 European City of Culture


As part of Kaunas’ (Lithuania) European city of culture preparations for 2022, Olivearte is engaged (by Impact Foundation, Poland) to deliver an audience development based capacity building project that involves training modules, a ‘camp' and mentoring for around 10-12 local organisations. The training phase will include areas other than audience development such as vision, strategy, planning, programming, internal communications, unblocking the blockers, etc. This project will take place over four months, November 2018 to February 2019.

Rijeka 2020 European City of Culture


Olivearte will be providing an audience development capacity building education project for Rijeka (Croatia) 2020 European city of culture programme as mentor’s, trainer’s and ‘experts’. This work will involve interventions alongside other professionals and the Fitzcarraldo Foundation from Italy.

Creative Lenses Europe


A large-scale pan-European four-year project (2015-2019) that is seeking to develop new business and sustainability models for the independent cultural sector in Europe. Olivearte is one of 13 partners in this €4 million project led by Kaapeli cultural centre, Helsinki, was part of the application team heading up the successful bid to the EU Creative Europe programme and is a member of the executive group implementing the project. The programme includes forums, workshops, conferences, research and mentoring and will result in publications and a web resource.

Re-Imagine Europe: 2017-2021


Initiated by Sonic Acts and led by Paradiso in Amsterdam, Re-Imagine Europe is a 4-year cooperation project, which through the production of new art, aims to develop younger audiences for digital culture by engaging them in current, social and political issues.

Funded by Creative Europe, 10 cultural organisations from 9 countries will produce and present artistic residencies, commissions, workshops and symposia, using art to empower a younger generation of digitally connected Europeans to explore new ideas and re-imagine their society. Nationalism, climate change, technological progress and migration will all be part of this project's agenda. Olivearte assisted with the successful application to Creative Europe for €2 million and will continue to play a role in the overall project management.