The Fika Project

The Fika Project


2013-2014 Tabacka Cultural Centre, Kosice, Slovakia

Organisational development and strategic planning in advance of the launch of the newly refurbished centre.

2013-2014 ENCC (European Network of Cultural Centres)

Consulting on organisational development.  

2010-2011 European Cultural Foundation/Lab For Culture

Assisting with a new phase of the organisation’s development and communications strategy.

2011-2013 Kosice City Council Kosice, Slovakia

Advising on developing a cultural plan for the city.

2009-2011 Beat Initiative, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Helping with a new development plan.

OZU Cultural Centre, Italy

OZU Cultural Centre, Italy

2008-2008 Pekarna Cultural Centre, Maribor, Slovenia

Organisational development and problem solving.

2008-2008 Dance Agency TsEKh, Moscow, Russia

Management and planning issues resolutions.

2008-2008 Stanica Cultural Centre, Zilina, Slovakia

Helping with management and development plans.

2008-2010 Changing Room pan-European

This pilot EC programme was established by Trans Europe Halles to test, study and evaluate cultural professionals’ exchange and training programmes and resulted in a publication by the Sibelius Academy.

2009-2009 Darwin Anniversary Festival Cambridge, England

This major event marked the anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the publication of ‘On The Origin of the Species’ by Cambridge University where he attended college.


2012-2013 220 VOLT! Lodz, Poland

International volunteers training programme.

2012-2012 VIVA Cosenza, Italy

Workshop using TEH members as models of practice, on how to develop cultural organisations, with the independent cultural sector of Cosenza.

2011-2011 Gdansk Poland

Workshop on how to apply for EC funding for the Polish independent cultural sector.

2011-2011 National College of Art & Design Dublin, Ireland

Lecturing (Sandy)

Natverkstan, Gothenburg, Sweden

Natverkstan, Gothenburg, Sweden

2011-2011 Natverkstan School Gothenburg, Sweden

Lecturing (Sandy & Paul)

2010-2011 Trans Europe Halles Lund, Sweden

Compiling and implementing a capacity building training programme for members of the TEH network across Europe.

2010-2011 The Business of Art St. Petersburg, Russia

Arts and business training for the independent cultural sector in St. Petersburg looking at planning, organisational development, communications and finance.

2010 St. Mary’s University College London, UK

Lecturing on the MA module of arts management (Paul).

2010 Changing Room Project Sicily, Italy

European cultural leaders retreat and training.

2010-2011 Lazina Nowa Cracow, Poland

Training programme for volunteers.

2009 Warsaw Cultural Department Warsaw, Poland


2017 Re-Imagine Europe

Olivearte assisted with the EU Creative Europe application for this project, initiated by Sonic Acts and led by Paradiso in Amsterdam, resulting in €2 million grant. Re-Imagine Europe is a 4-year cooperation project, which through the production of new art, aims to develop younger audiences for digital culture by engaging them in current, social and political issues.

2015 Creative Lenses

A partner in the management team leading on this successful bid to investigate new business models for the cultural sector to the European Commission Creative Europe programme, securing €1,964,950 in grant aid.

2011 Engine Room Europe

Part of the team (Melkweg/Trans Europe Halles) securing €960,000 from the European Commission Cultural Programme for Engine Room Europe, a four-year project looking to increase the capacity of the European independent cultural sector.

2010 Changing Room

Part of the team (Trans Europe Halles) securing €250,000 from the European Cultural Programme for the Changing Room project.


2015 Creative Business Models

Researched, compiled and written by representatives of three organisations: University of Basilicata, University of Salento and Olivearte Cultural Agency (Paul Bogan)
Published by Trans Europe Halles

2014 Creative Strategies of Sustainability

Compiled, edited and part text by Sandy Fitzgerald
Published by ufaFabrik Cultural Centre

2013 Creative Economy Master Plan (Kosice City)

Researched, compiled, edited by a team of experts for Kosice 2020, with Paul Bogen's expert input and contribution to the final text.
Published by Kosice, European Capital of Culture 2013

2010 New Times New Models

Compiled, edited and part text by Sandy Fitzgerald
Published by Pekarna Cultural Centre

2010 Changing Room

Edited and part text by Paul Bogen
Published by Sibelius Academy

2008 Managing Independent Cultural Centres

Compiled, edited and part text by Sandy Fitzgerald
Published by Asia Europe Foundation/Art Factories/TEH publishers

2004 An Outburst Of Frankness: Community Arts in Ireland, A Reader

Compiled, edited and part text Sandy Fitzgerald
Published by New Island


2014-2016 The Fika Project Europe

Led by Nätverkstan in Göteborg, Olivearte was a partner in this Erasmus+ funded project to develop a unique training programme for future cultural leaders, initially in Europe and then internationally. The Fika Project will engage with real needs, circumstances and experiences, bringing together critical thinking and radical action in participatory learning. Go to Contacts/Links page on top menu here to download two books, both outcomes of Fika: Narratives and Perspectives on cultural leadership.


Tabacka Cultural Centre, Kosice, Slovakia

Tabacka Cultural Centre, Kosice, Slovakia

2008-2008 OZU Cultural Centre, Monteleone, Italy

Advising on programme and finance.

2008-2008 Interzona Cultural Centre, Verona, Italy

Helping to solve management and organisational structure issues.

2008-2014 Korjaamo Cultural Factory, Helsinki, Finland

Advising on all aspects of the centre's                 development.

Project Management

2011-2014 Engine Room Europe, pan-European

ERE was a major European project investigating the future sustainability of the independent cultural sector in Europe. With a budget of €2 million, and lasting for 3 years, this project consisted of 19 projects and 10 partners and involved most European countries.

2009-2010 New Times, New Models Conference Maribor, Slovenia

New Times, New Models was a conference investigating the internal governance models and external relations of independent cultural centres in times of change. Organised by Pekarna cultural centre.

2010-2011 The Business of Art St. Petersburg/Helsinki

Training and development for the St. Petersburg independent cultural sector, led by Korjaamo Cultural Factory in Helsinki and Light People, St. Petersburg.

'Landing Figures' Engine Room Europe project, Bulgaria

'Landing Figures' Engine Room Europe project, Bulgaria

Training for independent cultural managers in Warsaw.

2009 Lodz Factory of Art Lodz, Poland

Training in communications and marketing for cultural managers in Poland.

2008 Tau Scene Cultural Centre Stavanger, Norway

Strategic planning and organisational development training.

2007 Mains D’Oeuvres Paris, France

Training course in sustainability for European independent cultural centres, organised by Trans Europe Halles, Art Factories and the Asia Europe Foundation.

Conference speaking

2015 Young and Creative: Let’s do things differently!

Kosice, Slovakia

Keynote speech at this international conference organised by the Carpathian Foundation on the theme of how creativity in real life nurtures development (Sandy Fitzgerald).

2013 Jalla, Jalla! The Power of Culture in Social Change

La Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille, France

As part of the TEH Meeting 76 and Platform 5 of Engine  Room Europe, independent cultural activists from North Africa, the Middle East and Europe came together under this theme to share experiences (speaker: Sandy Fitzgerald).

2013 PLACE Kosice, Slovakia

A conference looking at the role of cultural industries for cities (speakers: Sandy Fitzgerald and Paul Bogen).

2013 Ens Toca! Reclaiming Public Space Through Culture Sant Boi, Barcelona, Spain

A conference examining the importance of public space for culture: protected, supported and owned by citizens (speaker: Sandy Fitzgerald).

The Business of Art, St Petersburg, Russia

The Business of Art, St Petersburg, Russia

2011 Więcej Kultury - We Are More Sopot, Poland, July 2011

A conference during the EU Polish presidency to identify and collect recommendations by the Polish cultural community for future policy and fundraising development (speaker: Sandy Fitzgerald).

2010-2011 Plataformes 1 & 2 Barcelona, Spain

A congress of European production centres and platforms (speaker: Sandy Fitzgerald).

2010 New Times New Models Maribor, Slovenia, January 2010

A conference investigating the internal governance modelsand external relations of independent cultural centres in times of change (speaker: Sandy Fitzgerald).