Olivearte is a partner in the pan-European, project Creative Lenses and as this project enters its final phase, various outcomes are appearing on various platforms. Recently a number of videos were produced marking the end of the Catalyst programme, a major part of CL which was dedicated to ‘ideas for transforming your organisation’. Olivearte was responsible for devising and delivering this initiative within the CL framework and here you will find two short clips giving insights into the programme and its outcomes. Enjoy.

Olivearte also has the responsibility of delivering fourteen workshops across Europe, that will present the outcomes of Creative Lenses and engage with practitioners to intensively work on sustainability. These workshops take place in: Zagreb, Bratislava, Riga, Amstelveen, Berlin, Lecce, Nicosia, Barcelona, Athens, Lund, Helsinki, Milan, London and Paris. They are open to everyone, although space is limited and there are some criteria attached to participation. Registration is open from January 22nd and for more information click on the button below.

The final conference of Creative Lenses will take place in Helsinki on April 24th and 25th and this looks like being a lively and engaged experience where arts and culture practitioners from all over Europe and beyond will gather to discuss, debate, workshop and exchange on the issue of sustainability and using the four-year learning of Creative Lenses as both the context and the jumping-off point. The programme is compiled is such as way as to interactive and not ‘lecture’ led. This all takes place in the amazing Kaapeli cultural centre, the lead organisation of Creative Lenses. Very shortly registration for the conference will be open on the Creative Lenses site

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Olivearte director Paul Bogen’s letter to Brexit published in the UK’s Arts Professional magazine. What could Brexit mean for cultural workers who currently enjoy freedom of movement and work in Europe? The end of careers and future possibilities for young people entering the cultural sector, that’s what. Read the full article here:


Along with ongoing projects Creative Lenses and Escalator, Olivearte has engaged with three new clients over recent months. The first of these is Brocket Gallery in London, who, along with their gallery in Kennington, produce the largest contemporary print fair in the UK at the Woolwich Arsenal. This young and dynamic visual art initiative is looking to develop a business model that will sustain them into the future and Olivearte have been brought in to assist with this. The second engagement is with Zentralwerk in Dresden, a unique experiment in culture, living and working, located in a large and historic industrial site. Olivearte will help plan a sustainable future for the centre. And lastly Kulturfabrik, an important and well established independent cultural centre in Luxembourg, which is now moving into a new phase of development and planning, something that Olivearte will engage with. Click on the CURRENT heading above to read more about these interesting projects.


Olivearte is very pleased to announce that Birgitta Persson will join the company, as a co-Director with Paul Bogen and Sandy Fitzgerald, effective from 27 March, 2017. Birgitta brings a wealth of experience to Olivearte, having spent the last 13 years as Secretary General of Trans Europe Halles, a network of more than 90 cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists all over Europe. In addition, she has produced and promoted arts events and projects within all genres, both in her home country of Sweden and internationally. Since its founding in 2008, Olivearte has engaged with a wide range of clients, projects and initiatives across Europe and Birgitta will enhance its capability to deliver support to the cultural sector. In particular, Birgitta’s commitment to cross-border, cross-cultural exchange and development echos Olivearte’s, in this time of retrenchment for Europe and the World. In addition, Birgitta’s self-expression as a musician and sometimes shieldmaiden means Olivearte will be much more fun at parties!